Passion endeavors

July 18, 2007 —

Ben Barren on passion endeavors…

* at end of the day if you take out the exception that proves the rule fly to skiers, many consumer based internet businesses will like most blogs, be personal passion endeavours that don’t go the way of gootube etc. after “last time” there is always money in selling shovels to miners, not that it means one should not attempt to have their own little icarus inspired moment.

Ben’s referencing a (wow that’s a long) post by Tara regarding Citizen Agency and the idea of the gift economy.

I won’t try to fully decode Ben here or go any further into Tara’s conversation, but I will say it’s tough to keep passion endeavors from evolving into business endeavors as they grow.  (Personally, I’ll take a hybrid of the two.) Best of luck to Tara and Chris.

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